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15 Influential Music Blogs that want to hear YOUR music in 2024 🎵

As an independent artist, getting your music heard is one of the biggest challenges you'll face. 


With so much noise to cut through, it can feel impossible to grab the attention of tastemakers and influencers. But fear not! There are still tons of amazing music blogs out there actively seeking new artists to feature.


From long-running tastemaker sites to niche genre havens, these 15 blogs are prime real estate for exposing your sound to hungry music fans in 2024. So update those EPKs and start pitching!

Cutting Through the Noise: 15 Influential Music Blogs

Stereogum - the OG indie music authority founded by Scott Lapatine in 2002, serves as a vital daily digest in the music world. Dishing out the latest news, insightful reviews, and in-depth interviews with unmissable artist profiles, all wrapped in sharp commentary, it's been the go-to source for indie enthusiasts for over two decades.

Stoney Roads - founded in 2007, stands as Australia's electric embassy for electronic music, seamlessly connecting dance music lovers and makers. As the country's leading electronic music community, it offers forward-thinking coverage and engaging content in all forms, forging a vibrant link between audiences and artists.


Nialler9 - founded by Niall Byrne and operating out of Dublin since 2005, has become the most-read Irish music site, known for its keen ear for the hottest Irish acts and emerging international talent. Through engaging reviews, insightful interviews, and its cult-followed podcast, this Dublin-based tastemaker continues to be a pivotal platform for music discovery.


PopMatters - an independently owned and operated international magazine of cultural criticism and analysis since its inception, delivers over 20 years of cultural criticism through a kaleidoscope of musical perspectives. With a mission to both educate and entertain, it has established itself as an edu-taining must-read for anyone interested in deep dives into the cultural landscape.


Under The Radar - a publication that prides itself on being ahead of the curve, has a proven knack for discovering game-changing artists like Fleet Foxes and Vampire Weekend long before they hit the mainstream. These tastemaking curators excel in interviewing exciting young artists months or even years ahead of wider media recognition, solidifying their reputation for spotlighting the next big thing in music.


Louder Than War is one of the internet's fastest-growing rock/punk havens led by John Robb of The Membranes & Goldblade. Passionate about discovering new music, they invite artists to get in touch to be part of their punk ethos.


Consequence of Sound founded in September 2007 by Alex Young, Consequence of Sound serves as your essential shortcut to the most vital updates in music, film, TV, and culture. Offering definitive reviews, exclusive interviews, and original videos, Consequence is the go-to source for breaking news and daily insights across entertainment and cultural spectrums.

Various Small Flames shines a spotlight on the intimacy and authenticity of music from independent artists, especially those from home recordings and DIY labels. This cozy corner is dedicated to celebrating and sharing the unique sounds that emerge from the independent music scene's most personal spaces.

Obscure Sound launched in February 2006, Obscure Sound embodies its mission to introduce listeners to the hidden gems of the music world. Born from a passion for uncovering new and emerging talent, this indie music site focuses on featuring high-quality music from artists who are yet to hit the mainstream radar, staying true to its name by spotlighting the obscure yet exceptional sounds that await discovery.

Indie Central Music since its inception in 2014, Indie Central Music has become the sanctuary for the latest indie, alternative rock, and pop music, uniting a passionate congregation of diehard indie-rock fans. This vibrant community is dedicated to discovering the hottest new sounds and shining the spotlight on emerging talents who truly deserve recognition, making ICM a pivotal platform for those seeking the next big thing in indie music.

ThisisRnB stands as the premier online destination for all things R&B, catering to a global community of rhythm and blues devotees with a wide spectrum of tastes and styles. As the #1 hub for mainstream R&B music and industry-related news, it serves fans worldwide, embracing the rich diversity within the genre.  

Dancing Astronaut stands as an authoritative voice and evolving platform built for the global dance music community, embodying dance music's power to forge identity, community, and a transcendent global connection. Representing more than just an editorial voice, it reflects the broader culture of dance and electronic music while serving as an independent source of content, uniting enthusiasts across the world.

The Vinyl District is a haven for vinyl junkies, offering a treasure trove of well-considered reviews, live performance coverage, and exclusive giveaways, ranging from vinyl and tickets of the largest international acts to the smallest bands you ought to know. Rejoice in unmissable content and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of vinyl culture and live music.

The Line of Best Fit has been at the forefront of cutting-edge music discovery for over 15 years, establishing itself as one of the world's largest independent music publications and the UK's biggest independent online music magazine. Trusted by millions of readers searching for their new favorite bands, it consistently stays ahead of the curve, showcasing the best in new music through live performances, interviews on Instagram, and insightful broadcasts every week.

Largehearted Boy launched in 2002, is a true labor of love dedicated to exploring the vibrant intersection of music, literature, and popular culture. Featuring daily updates known as 'shorties,' the site offers the latest in artistic news and insights, celebrating the forces that shape our cultural landscape.

From genre Meccas like Louder Than War (rock/punk), Consequence of Sound (indie/alternative), Various Small Flames (lo-fi/DIY), and Obscured Sound (discovery-focused) to more niche havens like Indie Central Music, This Is RNB, Dancing Astronaut, The Vinyl District, The Line of Best Fit, and Largehearted Boy - opportunities for coverage run the gamut across every corner of music.


The key is crafting personalized, genre-specific pitches that highlight what makes your music unique. Don't overlook smaller blogs either - often, passionate niche audiences are more committed to uplifting new artists.


And pro tip? 

Make your pitching 10x more efficient by joining MICCO - a platform that grants you direct access to over 10,000 verified music industry contacts, including the bloggers behind every site on this list. 


With pitching templates, personalized advice, and more, MICCO simplifies getting your music to the right ears in 2024 and beyond.


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