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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is MICCO?
    Figuring out who to contact in the music business can be overwhelming so we here at MICCO want to help make things super easy and simple! Do you want more Spotify Streams, Music Blogs Reviews & Radio Play? Great! You have come to the right place because we have the contact information you need to make that happen! We have gathered the contact information of over 7000 music industry influencers at Spotify, Apple, Music Blogs & Radio. And have organized all of this contact information into an easily searchable spreadsheet. You simply sign up for 10 bucks Log into your MICCO account Find the right person for your style of music, location or a particular playlist Use the contact information that we have provided to email that person! MICCO is a service for musicians & music industry professionals that organizes the world music industry information.
  • Why should I use MICCO?
    You have a song and it’s bloody fantastic and you just want people to hear it and discover it? The only problem is you don't have thousands of dollars to hire a PR team? But you don't have time to put in endless hours of tedious research to figure out who you need to contact and what their email address even is? Well, that is exactly where MICCO swoops in to save the day! Our mission is to provide our members with all the information that they need to open doors, grow relationships and build a successful career in music. So we have done all the tedious research for you and organized it all in one easily accessible searchable database! And we won't charge you thousands or even hundreds of dollars… nope! Just 10 bucks a month! What are you waiting for?
  • Who uses MICCO?
    MICCO is for artists and their team. Everyone from solo musicians, bands, DJs, music managers, labels, publishers, PR firms, performers, producers, and YouTube creators who record music at home or in the studio. If you have a song or an EP or an album to promote then MICCO is for you!
  • How much will it cost me?
    Only $9.99 a month for unlimited access to a growing database of over 7K Music Industry Influencers!
  • How easy is it to cancel?
    It's easy like a Sunday morning :) MICCO comes with zero strings attached! You have full and absolute control over your payments through your MICCO account. No commitments, no contracts or hidden fees.... and you can cancel at any time! If only everything in life was so simple right?!
  • Do you promise results?
    We would love to promise you the world on a string with a pretty bow wrapped around it but unfortunately, that is not how the music business works. And anyone that does promise you results in this industry is either fooling you or fooling themselves! What we can promise you is this: Our directories list the contact information of every mover and shaker you need to know in the music industry. This information is as up to date and as accurate as humanly possible With these contacts, the right music & the right approach, you can start building real momentum and buzz around your music and create a story that will truly capture people's attention!
  • Where is MICCO based?
    LA, baby!
  • 5 Pitching Mistakes You Need To Avoid
    1. Don’t send an album Unless you are Billie Ellish, the chances of someone actually listening to your entire album is slim... Even successful artists struggle to get their fans to commit to their entire album so don’t ask a busy curator or blogger to listen to more than one song. So just send them your best song off your upcoming EP or LP, win them over with your finest tune, build the relationship, leave them wanting more & if they want to hear more they will let you know. 2. Don’t send a 6 paragraph essay Curators receive hundreds if not thousands of emails a day and the vast majority of playlist curators simply don’t have the time to read your lengthy press release or life story. So don’t waste their time or yours with long windy emails…you have 3 sentences to catch the blogger's attention so keep it short, sharp, genuine, authentic, interesting and to the point. Find your hook – the angle that makes you interesting & relatable, the story that reels in a potential fan. 3. Don’t mass email Sending out one massive email blast is the fastest way to not get any results.Take the time to craft each individual email, address them by name, include a few personalized details you’ve learned through your research, casually mention a post or playlist of theirs that you enjoyed. One of the worst mistakes to make is to send a generic email around. You have only one chance to make a first impression …. take 5 minutes to make it a good one. 4. Don’t send attachments NEVER attach a song to an email. It clutters up their inbox & quite often your email will just be deleted or go to spam. As a general rule, most curators prefer to get music via SoundCloud links - On your SoundCloud profile, include your artwork, add a 100 – 200-word captivating bio and include all the links to your website & socials. And no one has time to download anymore! Don't expect anyone to download your song so they can hear it or sign up to some obscure website so they can stream the entire song.Make it as convenient as possible for someone to listen to your tunes! Don’t send a 6 paragraph essay 5. Don’t ignore music blogs & radio Blogs & Radio support fuels that momentum and helps you build a story that can really drive a hugely successful Spotify promotional campaign. Spotify playlist curators are also music fans and follow music blogs to discover new music. Some blogs have a powerful social media presence and their followers also influential tastemakers such as music supervisors & DJs. And radio play for a new artist still turns the needle, helps drive those all important Shazam numbers and builds that story around your music.
  • Do you have any advice for approaching the directory contacts?
    1. Do your Research It may sound obvious but read the descriptions that are included in our directories and focus your time and energy on influencers that fit your style of music. Hit the link, go to their website or playlist and read the last few posts, you may just discover a new blog or playlist to follow. Remember that you are asking the blogger/curator to become your new fan, so it could certainly help your cause if you have already returned the favor. 2. Follow their submission guidelines Some playlists/blogs have strict music submission guidelines. Music submissions are a part of the game. It is also another way for a curator/blogger to test if you have taken the time to read their blog or not. 3. Send personalized emails Please don’t mass email playlists or blogs! Take the time to craft each individual email, address them by name, include a few personalized details you’ve learned through your research or casually mention a post/playlist of theirs that you enjoyed. You are asking the curator/blogger to take the time to listen to your music and hopefully write a review or add your song to their playlist so take the time to personally email each curator/blogger, which is why we included this information in the Spotify Playlist Directory & Music Blog Directory. One of the worst mistakes to make is to send a generic email around to a list of bloggers & curators. 4. Subject Lines Subject Lines are like tricky first dates. Awkward but necessary and if you make a bad first impression, it can be difficult to recover! It is best to keep subject lines simple, descriptive and personal. The ideal number of characters in a subject line is typically considered to be between 20 and 35. You want the recipient to know right away exactly why you’re emailing. If your subject line doesn’t grab the person, your message is likely to get deleted on the spot. Avoid ALL CAPS, jargon, and the term “Press release” in the subject line. Universally all the bloggers said they delete any emails that have “Press Release” in the subject line. Plus they get annoyed with all caps and industry jargon. Don’t plead with people to “Open Me!” When it comes to Subject Lines punctuation is not your friend okay!!!!!!!! 5. Keep it Short, Sweet and to the Point! Curators/Bloggers receive hundreds and hundreds of emails a day so do not be disheartened if you do receive a response on your first try. Chances are they have not even read your email. Don’t overwhelm them with long windy emails…you have 3 sentences to catch the curators/bloggers attention so keep it short, sharp, genuine, interesting and to the point. Curators/Bloggers will simply tune out if you don’t get to the point quickly. If they want to know more, they will ask. 6. Be Unique…Be You! We have all heard the phrase “what’s the story” and no that’s not where did you grow up and what ashes your music rose from (unless of course you grew up on a remote part of Antarctica and learn to play music in the ashes of the fire that kept you alive in the cold harsh winter). “The Story” is simply what makes you and your music different from every other band out there. You love your music and you think people should hear it. Now you need to convince why they should love it too….. Instead, think about which unique qualities that sets your story apart from all the rest. So skip the hype and tell a story that captures people’s attention. 7. If you like it then you should have put a link on it. 99% of Curators/Bloggers do not want their inbox filled by large attachments….ain't nobody got time for that! So do your part and make sure your music is stream-ready so that bloggers can easily preview your music before deciding to download.Websites such as Soundcloud or Bandcamp are an ideal platform to use when pitching your music to music blogs. Also include a download link to a high-quality mp3, band photo and artwork using a site such as Dropbox, HighTail or WeTransfer.Of course, include links at the end of the email to your website (you do have one right?) and your various social networking sites. 8. Check their social media Curators/Bloggers have a firm grasp on the importance of online presence and utilize multiple platforms to communicate such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram ….. 9. Avoid Spam I would strongly recommend running subject lines and the body of your email through a spam checker before sending to make sure they won’t get flagged on the other end. There are a lot of words that obviously get flagged by email spam filters like “opportunity, hot, free"), but there are some other “spammy” words you might not expect to cause problems. There are a lot of free spam checkers out there that can help you "de-spam" your email! (Check out Also, I know this has been mentioned already but I cannot overemphasize the importance over not bulk/mass emailingCurators/Bloggers as many of them have a filter to block mass emails. 10. Don't be a pest Don’t send more than two emails. Along the same lines as “keep it short and sweet,” when you’re trying to get people to write and talk about your music, limit yourself to two emails: an email with links and a follow-up email, sent at a later date. You’re not going to get a “yes” or “no” right away, so you need to be patient. Once you have your song added to a playlist of a blog review your music, don’t forget to be polite and to thank the curator/blogger for their time. And return the favor by sharing the playlist/blog review on all your socials!
  • Do you want your Spotify Playlist or Music Blog listed in our directories?
    Awesome! Can you please send us the below information to be included in your listing? Name of your Spotify Playlist/Music Blog Curators/Blogger Name Website/Social Media links Full description including what styles of music the playlist/music blog focuses on Location Genre Best email address for submissions Looking forward to including you in our directory and have a wonderful day!
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