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We're here to help ambitious musicians level up their career

MICCO provides contacts that can help you promote your music, grow your brand, reach influencers, and build new relationships

Exclusive Contacts.

10 Bucks a Month.

Get your hands on 7,000+ exclusive, influential music industry contacts

Streaming Playlist Curators, TikTok Influencers, Radio Music Directors, Music Bloggers – you want them, we've got them, AND MORE

You should spend your time making incredible music, not diving into deep interweb black holes in search of one potentially-helpful email.



Priceless Info

Access our directories of 7K+ influencers in the music industry

Human Contact

Text our Members Only WhatsApp line – reserved just for you

Free Advice

Receive insider tips and advice to help grow your music career

Royal Treatment

Experience our world class customer support provided by humans, including our founder!

Promo Guides

Learn from our guides on how to promote your music

Sweet Hookups

Get discounts and access to other music industry resources, through our partnerships

Our Directories

Spotify Playlists


Playlist Name and Link

Playlist Genre and Description

Curator Name
Direct Email Address
Number of Followers
Social Media Links

Placement Logistics
Submission Guidelines


Stop Wasting Your Time, Mate!


Save time on research

We’ve done the hard part, now you can reap the benefits. Take your newfound time and use it well!


Don't feel so alone

The industry needn't be isolated and competitive; if we collaborate and share resources, we'll all get ahead!


Be genuine friends with your peers

Now that information isn't power, we can all genuinely share and help each other, wahoo!


Bev Moser

President, B! Noticed Public Relations

The MICCO staff work relentlessly to stay on top of changes, new opportunities, and important highlights. MICCO has been a life-saver for my business. I could not do my job without them!


Mark Allen

Co-Founder, Blossom Agency

MICCO is one of those indispensable resources that keeps us in the know. The information they provide, and at low cost, is a no-brain for a firm like ours to utilize.


Keith Pro

Founder, Indie Band Guru

MICCO is the best. Real contacts getting real results. MICCO has some of the hardest working people I have seen. New contacts added weekly and a real desire to see their artists succeed.

Still Not Convinced?

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