Music Industry Connection

What is The Music Industry Connection?

  • An online database that allows you to search, sort and filter over 7,000 important Music Industry Influencers  
  • These contacts are organized into 6 directories: 

•  Spotify Playlist Directory

•  Apple Music & Beats 1 Staff Directory

•  Spotify Staff Directory

•  Music Blog Directory

•  Country Radio Directory

•  Indie Radio Directory

  • Our directories include every influential decision maker you need to know at Spotify, Apple Music, Beats 1, Music Blogs, Terrestrial & Satellite Radio - the people who have the power to connect artists & new music to millions of new fans!
  • We make it easy for you to contact these influencers because our directories include their name, direct email address, socials Twitter/Instagram/Facebook, location and detailed description on the genres of music that they support.
  • The Music Industry Connection offers unlimited online access to all of these Music Industry Contacts for just $9.99 a month! 
  • What elevates this service to the next level is that we will be constantly updating each directory, adding new Spotify Playlists, Music Blogs, and Radio Stations daily so you will always have the most current information available! 

Streaming Services Curators Directory

Playlists have now become one of the most important avenues for music promotion. Getting your music on to a powerful playlist can generate thousands of plays for your music.

Our Playlist directory includes over 200 music playlist curators, programmers, and Editors who work directly for streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple, Tidal, Pandora, YouTube & Google Play. 

Each Listing Includes:

  • Streaming Platform
  • Curator's Name
  • Direct Email Address
  • Role / Position
  • Twitter
  • Location
  • Phone
  • Website

Independent Playlist Curators Directory

Our ever growing directory of Independent Curators of great Playlists on Spotify covering all kinds of genres and moods 

Each Listing Includes:

  • Playlist Name
  • Curator
  • Submissions / Submissions Process
  • Direct Email Address
  • Followers
  • Genre
  • Twitter
  • Playlist Link
  • Description

The Music Blog Directory

Our comprehensive & up to date directory of over 3,000 Music Blogs from across the globe, spanning every musical genre.

  • Over 3,000 of the Top Music Blogs from around the world
  • Over 4,500 Email Addresses for the bloggers and their contributing writers
  • Over 4,000 Bloggers Names
  • Every Music Blog that feeds into The Hype Machine
  • Detailed Description for every Blog - including what styles of music the blog focuses on
  • How to Submit your Music - each blogger's preferred method for submissions
  • Location
  • Twitter Handle
  • Genre
  • Website

The Indie Radio 


Your gateway to over 500 most influential commercial specialty, non-commercial college and public radio stations in North America.

A carefully curated directory of the key Program Directors, Music Directors and DJ’s across the country who support new music and help break new bands! 

  • Over 500 Influential Radio Stations
  • Name of the Station
  • Names of the Program Director, Music Director, and relevant DJ’s
  • All Corresponding Email Addresses - Over 1,500 Emails Addresses
  • Website
  • Phone Number
  • Social Media Contact
  • Station Format
  • Location
  • Description
  • Station Mailing Address

You Got Questions?! 

  • Who chooses what songs that get played on the radio?
  • Who curates these Spotify Playlists with millions of followers?
  • Who do I contact to get some some real music blog reviews?

You will find the answers to all of those questions inside The Music Industry Connection!


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