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The Ultimate Music Release Checklist for 2024

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the maze of tasks you need to navigate when releasing a single? Whether you’re an indie artist juggling the hats of writer, performer, and promoter, or a seasoned musician looking for a streamlined approach, I’ve got something special for you.


Introducing the Ultimate Music Release Checklist—a comprehensive, step-by-step guide designed to take the guesswork out of your music release. This isn’t just another list; it’s the most thorough guide you’ll ever need, packed with actionable steps, essential tips, and helpful links to make your release as smooth and successful as possible.


2024 MICCO - Single Release Checklist
Download XLSX • 59KB

Why You Need This Checklist:

Releasing music can be daunting, right? There’s so much to think about—from finalizing your track, mastering, artwork design, to marketing and beyond. It’s easy to feel lost or forget crucial steps along the way. That’s where our Ultimate Single Release Checklist comes into play. We’ve tailored this resource to ensure you hit every key milestone, keeping you organized and on track.

What’s Inside the Ultimate Music Release Checklist:

• Pre-Release Preparation: Everything from defining your audience to setting clear goals. Plus, tips on how to create buzz with sneak peeks and teasers.

• Release Strategy: We guide you through choosing the right release date, distribution channels, and how to make your song stand out on every platform.

• Marketing and Promotion: Detailed strategies on harnessing the power of social media, engaging with fans, and securing playlist spots. We’ve included templates for your press releases and email pitches, and even advice on running effective ad campaigns.

• Post-Release Actions: The work doesn’t stop once your song is out. We cover everything from analyzing performance metrics to leveraging feedback for future projects.

Why Trust This Checklist?

Crafted with insights from industry pros and successful indie artists, this checklist distills years of music marketing savvy into one accessible package. I’ve poured my heart and soul (and countless hours) into making sure it covers every conceivable aspect of the release process. This checklist is designed not just to guide you but to empower you to maximize your single’s potential in the music market.


If you’re gearing up to release your music, you owe it to yourself to check out this resource. It’s time to stop worrying about what you might be missing and start focusing on making great music. Let our Ultimate Music Release Checklist handle the rest.

2024 MICCO - Single Release Checklist
Download XLSX • 59KB


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