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  • 28 Feb 2019 2:17 PM | Anonymous

    So what exactly do we do here? Well our goal is to connect you and with the influential decision makers at Spotify, Apple, Radio & Music Blogs.

    What better way to build a relationship than to get to know people right?!

    That is why we are super excited about shining a bright light on some of our favorite curators in our latest feature "Spotify Playlist of the Month"

    So without further to do, I present to you...

    February's Spotify Playlist Curator of the Month

    Indie Mixtape

    A self proclaimed "huge music geek" who listens to everything in order to find those bands that you must hear and then hands you a life-changing Indie Mixtape!

    Every week they invite you to sit back, push play, and witness the future.

    • Tell us a little bit about yourself - what inspired you to create playlists on Spotify?

    The music. Always and only the music. Between 2012 & 2015 we saw the rise of playlist brands like Digster, Filtr and Topsify - which are all great in their own way. But we felt these brands, understandably, focused on mainstream music that already had an audience. We felt there was room for a brand that could provide a stage for the less familiar artists, or, as we like to think, the more interesting music.

    • What are your favorite ways to discover new music?

    There's so many, I don't think we could identify an absolute favourite. We use online publications, other playlists (don't tell anyone ;-) , algorithmic recommendations (surprisingly good), contacts at distributors, labels & pluggers, We've found you have to keep an open mind and heart. Little nuggets of gold can be found anywhere  

    • It's early days but who are on your "artists to watch" list for 2019?

    Glad you asked J SYML, unperfect, Cadet, LEON, Murder Capital, The Marsicans, Theophilus London, Ms Banks, Des Rocks, The Ninth Wave, AJ Tracey - is that enough? We have more....

    • You get lots of submissions everyday ..... What helps a new song or artist capture your attention and stand out to you?

    So. Many. Submissions. It's impossible to stay on top of it let alone respond to all of them, which makes us sad. Because every emails represents some creative soul's dreams and aspirations and we want to encourage them all. But there just aren't enough hours in the day.

    However, being frank, there's a lot of mediocrity out there. The cream rises and stands out a mile. It's that simple - make good music. Creators need to be honest with themselves, their harshest critics & perfectionists. When you hear it, it's so obvious. And there's no short cut to it.

    • What are the best ways to send you new music? (Email, contact form on the website, DM on social media?)

    Please use our submission form on

    • We want to help artists craft the best possible emails for approaching curators like yourself - can you list some of your dos and don'ts for "email pitches"?

    Keep your notes short. Let the music do the talking. Honestly, we don't read long biographies. Actually, rarely even the short ones! So don't bother. Send a link to the music. Not a download, not a pre-release link. We can't program them. A link to the track on Spotify. Call out any good numbers - stream count, social following. And that's about it.

    Also, if we do program your track, show a little love in return please and tell people about it.

    There you have it folks .... some solid gold from the wizard behind the curtain at Indie Mixtape!

    Connect, follow, find and contact them on multiple platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Instagram and Twitter here on their website:

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