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The Music Industry

Exclusive Contacts.

Collaborative Community.

10 Bucks a Month.

Get your hands on 7,000+ exclusive, influential music industry contacts

You should spend your time making incredible music, not diving into deep interWeb black holes in search of one potentially-helpful email.

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Stop Wasting Your Time, Mate!


Never research futiley again

We’ve done the hard part, now you can reap the benefits. Take your newfound time and use it well!


Don't feel so alone

The industry needn't be isolated and competitive; if we collaborate and share resources, we'll all get ahead!


Be genuine friends with your peers

Now that information isn't power, we can all genuinely share and help each other, wahoo!


We're here to Robin Hood-ify the music industry

We have the resources for success, and now you can, too!

Bev Moser

B! Noticed Public Relations

The staff at MICo work relentlessly to stay on top of changes, new opportunities, and important highlights.

Mark Allen

Co-Founder, Blossom Agency

The information they provide, and at low cost, is a no-brain for a firm like ours to utilize.

Phil Legg

MD / Founder, Futureproof Records & Promotions

To have a trusted source of contacts allows us to focus on gaining coverage for our clients.

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