MICo was created to level the playing* field – to gather, organize, and make accessible the world's music industry information.

* pun very much intended

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Upon joining MICo, you will have access to contact information for over 7,000 music industry influencers. We are keen on keeping this information as up-to-date as humanly* possible.

* yes we are actual humans collecting this information for you, none of this freaky robot stuff here at MICco

Spotify Staff

Playlists have now become one of the most important avenues for music promotion. Getting your music on to a powerful playlist can generate thousands of plays for your music.

Our Playlist directory includes over 200 music playlist curators, programmers, and Editors who work directly for streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple, Tidal, Pandora, YouTube & Google Play. 

Indie Radio

Spotify Playlists

Our ever growing directory of Independent Curators of great Playlists on Spotify covering all kinds of genres and moods.

Your gateway to over 500 most influential commercial specialty, non-commercial college and public radio stations in North America.

A carefully curated directory of the key Program Directors, Music Directors and DJ’s across the country who support new music and help break new bands! 

Country Radio

Music Blogs

Our comprehensive & up to date directory of over 3,000 Music Blogs from across the globe, spanning every musical genre.

We are excited to announce a brand new addition to The Music Industry Connection  collection of directories! 

We just added over 160 Country Radio Stations that are monitored by MediaBase.

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We are movers and shakers of the music industry who believe that you should focus your time and energy on creating what you love, realizing your dreams, and connecting with folks who can make said dreams your reality.

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